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Radio Interview on US/Mex relations – Monocle

After months of escalating tension between the US and Mexico – and a diplomatic crisis over that controversial border wall – Trump sent his reps down. But what happened once they got to Mexico representing President who has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers? A live two-way with Monocle radio. (begins 20 mins in)


Radio: Mexican Student Size Up Trump’s Wall – BBC


10 March 2016 Last updated at 16:27 GMT

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has threatened to build a massive wall along the Mexico-US border – a proposal which has gained the attention of BBC News School Reporters Miguel, Marco, Natalia, Mariana, Maria, and Sofia from the Centro Universitario Mexico school in the country’s capital city.

The students have been following Mr Trump’s rise over the past few months and wanted to find out what his proposed policies could mean for them and their fellow citizens.

School Report is a project helping secondary school students around the UK make their own news for a real audience. Follow more reports from students on the project’s 10th annual News Dayon Thursday.

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