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Zika virus: Can El Salvador limit pregnancies? – BBC


Concerns about foetal damage from the Zika virus has prompted some Latin America governments to ask women to put off getting pregnant until more is known about it.

But in El Salvador, as in much of Central America, where abortion is illegal and contraception not widely available, the advice can be difficult to follow.

Katy Watson reports from El Salvador.

Zika Hits El Salvador – BBC

Shoot/edit, co-production

The World Health Organization is holding talks in Geneva on Monday to decide whether to declare the Zika outbreak an international public health emergency.

The mosquito-borne virus has been linked to thousands of birth defects in Brazil and since May 2015 it has spread rapidly around Central America.

Katy Watson reports from El Salvador, one of the worst-affected countries in the region.

Guatemala’s elections marred by scandels

Reporting and producing for France 24. Filming/editing by Matthieu Comin.   A government rocked by a corruption scandal, a wave of public protests, a president who resigns after being stripped of his immunity: this is the state of Guatemala just days away from presidential elections. So who will Guatemalans vote for on September 6, and can they overcome the crisis?…

Forced to Flee: Mexico’s Internally Displaced Population

Reporting by Natasha Pizzey. Filming/editing by Matthieu Cumin “Mexico’s ongoing drug war is notorious for its tens of thousands of murders and disappearances. But there are many other victims we hear little about, those who are forced from their homes as they flee the violence. Research groups estimate that between 160,000 and 1.6 million Mexicans have been displaced by the…