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Radio Interview on US/Mex relations – Monocle

After months of escalating tension between the US and Mexico – and a diplomatic crisis over that controversial border wall – Trump sent his reps down. But what happened once they got to Mexico representing President who has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers? A live two-way with Monocle radio. (begins 20 mins in)


Are Women Less Corrupt? – BBC

Shooting/editing/production for the BBC.

Mexican traffic police is turning to a women-only policy, because they regard women as less corrupt than men. Five years ago, authorities got rid of every man and decided only women should do the job. As part of the BBC’s 100 Women season, we spoke to Transit Police officer Judith Morales Garduno and her colleague Rosa Baeza Pena about fines, bribes, and women on duty.

See the full story with Katy Watson here.