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Mexican Cinema Struggles at Home – the FT

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Following the success of Mexican directors like Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu in Hollywood, filmmakers want to promote smaller-budget movies and encourage Mexicans to learn more about homegrown cinema.
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Mariachi School

Mariachi musicians have typically learnt their trade on the streets and play to drunk audiences in rowdy cantinas. But a new school in Mexico City has been teaching the mariachi craft with classical music training. Their latest focus in on supporting young women to join the scene. We caught up with the girls as they prepared for perform for International Womens Day

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Garifuna Celebrate Landing Day in Belize

After a storm shipwrecked a slave ship headed for America, the West Africans aboard sought refuge on a the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. There they created their own unique culture only to be banished by the British. Decades later their unique culture is under threat of being watered down as young garifuna turn to hiphop and dancehall, modern clothes, and junk food. We visited communities leaders and activists during the annual Landing Day festival.