Author: Natasha Pizzey

The Waitlist: short film


In Tijuana, a Mexican border town across from San Diego, 1000s of refugees from across the world are stranded waiting for their chance to ask the US for help and safety. As the US turns refugees away from border entry points, migrants themselves find ways to decide whose turn it is to apply for asylum on any given day. This story is about their waitlist, told through the eyes of refugees who’ve travelled from as far as Cameroon, Haiti, and Honduras. A production for Doha Debates with James Fredrick.


PRODUCER: Jamil Sunsin is the only person in his family born in the U.S. His parents and sister came from Honduras and lived in the U.S. for a decade before Jamil’s father was arrested for being undocumented. The entire family was forced to return to Honduras, a country wracked with violence. After a knife attack, Jamil is traumatized, and becomes…

‘My heart tells me he will be alive’ – BBC


  • Production, filming, editing.

In Mexico City, many families are still awaiting news of loved ones missing after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on 19 September.

One office block in central Mexico City – Alvaro Obregon 286 – is the deadliest site, with more than 35 bodies recovered and more still missing.

Families are camping out nearby as dozens of rescuers search the rubble.

The BBC spent three days with the family of 26-year-old Adrian Moreno, who had recently started working in the building.