A bit about me

I’m a multimedia journalist and film-maker based in Mexico. I cover the region (Mexico, Central and occasionally South America) working in variety of roles in news and documentary production. I also work for non-profits and on commercial shoots.

I work primarily as a video journalist producing, filming and editing for clients including the BBC,  Al Jazeera English,  AJ+,  Fusion, the Financial Times, Arte, France 24, TV 5 Monde. I do on-camera reporting and lives for several media outlets such as the BBC, France 24, AJ+, Fusion, and the FT. My reporting work for them includes social-media lives using Facebook and Periscope. As a freelance writer I have been published in the Telegraph, the Tico TimesMakeshift. I also work occasionally in radio producing stories for the BBC and in photography. I am currently producing a feature length independent documentary about immigration from Honduras to the US (‘Colossus’). 


My experience ranges from producing a rare interview with Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega, to spending weeks with indigenous midwives in rural Guatemala, filming protest marches in Mexico City, watching the impact of Zika unfold in El Salvador, and producing live television reports from the depths of the Brazilian Amazon. I am particularly interested in immigration and refugee issues in the Americas and regularly work on stories around this. 

Before moving to  Mexico, I was based in Guatemala where I focused on promoting a family planning NGO through photography, film-making, and blogging. During that time, I co-produced a documentary about maternal health in Guatemala, ‘Blessed Fruit of the Womb’, which was an official selection for the United Nations Association Film Festival. Prior to my time in Guatemala, I lived in Brazil where I studied photo journalism as part of an exchange programme. 

I am Colombian and British, and fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. I have up-to-date hostile environment training through 1st Option Safety carried out with the BBC. 

Brazil amazon trip_1001

Contact me:

Email: natasha.pizzey@gmail.com

Skype: natasha_ps

Twitter: @natasha_pizzey

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