The Waitlist: short film


In Tijuana, a Mexican border town across from San Diego, 1000s of refugees from across the world are stranded waiting for their chance to ask the U.S. for help and safety. Some have travelled across oceans and jungles. Many have small children with them. As U.S. increasingly turns refugees away from border entry points, limiting entries to a few people each day, migrants themselves find ways to decide whose turn it is to apply for asylum as the days go by. This story is about one waitlist, told through the eyes of refugees who’ve travelled from as far as Cameroon, Haiti, and Honduras. A production for Doha Debates with James Fredrick.

The Waitlist screened at LA Indie Film Festival and the Immigration Film Festival. The filmmakers presented the film at U.S. Congressional and Senate briefings in 2019 in conjunction with WOLA and Human Rights First.

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