Mexico’s journalists in fear after murder of reporter in ‘safe haven’ city


Ruben Espinosa’s murder has brought fear to journalists in Mexico City – a place once considered a refuge from the violence affecting reporters elsewhere in the country

Pedro Canche visits his friend's gravesite

Pedro Canche visits his friend’s gravesite

In a Mexico City cemetery reporter Pedro Canche looks haggard as he lays a hand-written note among yellow flowers on the grave of a young colleague.

“I owed it to him to come here because we’re in the same state of persecution,” he says, eyes scanning the empty graveyard for anyone lurking in the nearby trees.

He’s paying his respects to Ruben Espinosa, a 31-year old photojournalist murdered in Mexico City on July 31. He was killed along with four women, including an activist, in a flat in a calm middle-class neighbourhood. All the bodies showed signs of torture, some of the women had been raped, and all had execution-style shots to the head.

Journalists are killed here so often it’s rarely front-page news – with 88 killed since 2000, Mexico is the most dangerous country in the Americas for reporters. But the circumstances around Mr Espinosa’s murder make it a grim turning point for the profession….


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